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Lawyers fee - Attorney fees in Serbia
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Lawyers Fee

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The lawyer’s tariff is a regulation which prescribes the prices and the lawyers fees in services in Serbia.

The lawyer’s tariff is set by the Serbian Bar Association. The full legal name of the regulation is the TARIFF on remuneration and reimbursement of attorneys’ fees.

The lawyer’s tariff is the official price list of lawyers, which is a legal regulation, and in accordance with the Legal proffesion act.



What are the main types of lawyer's fees?

  1.  Hourly fee – which is charged depending on the complexity of the legal issue and the required expertise of the lawyer.
  2. Flat fee – Lawyer makes a projection of what he thinks the representation will cost and asks to receive that amount in advance.
  3. Contingency fee – allows the lawyer to collect a percentage of the value he managed to return to the client. This type of fee is usually a matter of negotiation between the attorney and the client. In most cases – the fee is related to the probability of success in the dispute and the complexity of the court proceedings. In Serbia, this type of fee is rarely used.
  4. Fixed fee – charged separately for a specific service. When the lawyer and the client reach a fixed-fee agreement, regardless of the time the lawyer spends on the case, the client pays the same fee. This type of fee is usually the most favorable for clients and is most often used in Serbia.

All domestic lawyers are obliged to apply the Serbian lawyer’s tariff. In exceptional cases, a lower tariff can be agreed, or even higher than anticipated, which is the case in complex cases. In addition to the reward for his services, the lawyers have the right to request a refund of their expenses that he had.

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Frequently asked questions about the lawyer tariff in Serbia

Attorney’s fees in Serbia represent a reward to a lawyer for his or her time or the time he or she has invested in the case.

In Serbia, it is generally possible to negotiate the amount of attorney’s fees, but the lower limit is half of the amount regulated by the tariff, and the upper limit is five times the amount regulated by the tariff, for complex cases.

The amount of lawyer’s fees depends on the type of case the client has and the complexity of the case. Consult a lawyer to obtain accurate information about your case.

Lawyers usually charge 50-150 euros per hour in Serbia, but in some cases higher amounts are charged.

Lawyers usually ask for part of the money in advance, and part in the end, after performing the service. But that depends a lot on the type of legal problem, so in some cases in Serbia, the whole amount can be requested in advance.

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