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Inheritance Lawyer in Belgrade, Serbia – Vladisavljevic Law Office

Inheritance law in Serbia is an area of law that governs inheritance, ie. transfer of property from one person, after death, to another person, who are his heirs. The deceased person whose property is transferred is called the testator , and the persons to whom that property is transferred are called heirs . Property that remains after the death of the testator and which is then transferred is called a legacy .

The preconditions for inheritance are:

  1. the death of the testator,
  2. the existence of an inheritance,
  3. the existence of an heir and 
  4. the existence of a basis for invoking the inheritance.

The basis of inheritance can be the law itself, and in the case of a will, it will be inherited according to the provisions of the will, provided that the heir cannot be deprived of the necessary inheritance.

Disputes over inheritance rights are becoming more frequent. Complicated family relationships, where people have a second or even third family, cross-border property that is under foreign jurisdiction are all reasons for legal difficulties and disputes.

Whether you are disputing the testator’s will, you want to get the necessary part, to set aside your thing that was in the testator’s state or you have a problem with the cross-border legacy, we can help you.

With help of our lawyers in Belgrade, you will regulate these hereditary legal issues in the most efficient way, and deprive themselves of stress and worries. We provide counseling and / or representation services, below are some inheritance issues:

  • Making a will
  • Lifetime maintenance contract
  • Contract on the distribution of property for life
  • Initiation and representation in probate proceedings / hearing
  • Representation in probate recovery proceedings
  • Representation in the procedure for challenging the contract on lifelong support
  • Inheritance law and probate proceedings
  • The procedure for extracting things from the estate
  • Initiating and conducting a probate dispute
  • Conducting probate proceedings over inheritance abroad
  • Property Assignment Agreement
  • Guardian of the legacy
  • Necessary hereditary part
  • Legacy

Inheritance law is regulated by the Law on Inheritance.

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