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 For all questions, you can contact the specialists in divorce and family law in Belgrade – lawyers of the Law Office Vladisavljević

Family relationships and family finances can be very complicated, especially when there is a family crisis or divorce. Family law attorneys work help clients to overcome and manage complex family law issues. Family law is very complex and includes a large number of sensitive issues, and in addition to divorce, domestic violence , child custody, child support, child abduction, adoption, parental rights, parental support,  pensions, family divisions property etc. Most of the issues and disputes that arise regarding family are urgent and require quick and professional help. Our experienced lawyer for area of family law and divorce will carefully examine all possibilities for overcoming your family issue and will lead you to the resolution of the problem in complete confidence and with great understanding.

Family law is an area in which we have extensive experience. In addition, we work with mediators, psychologists, psychotherapists, financial experts, accountants and experts in other fields to develop the best strategies for your situation, in order to achieve the best possible outcome for your family.

Legal advice and representation - family law lawyers Belgrade

In an effort to provide the best possible legal advice and representation for various legal issues of family law – family law lawyers in Belgrade must know all the regulations in this area in detail, because apart from the Family Law of Serbia – which is the umbrella law in the field of family law, this area is regulated. numerous other regulations.  Vladisavljević Law Office lawyers are experts in field of family law.  See below for categories and institutes of family law for more information. Our fields of practice cover, but are not limited to:


Divorce in Serbia

Marital, premarital and postmarital contracts

Annulment of marriages – invalid and destructive marriages

 Division of joint property / division of marital property of spouses and family property

Family legal issues regarding the relationship between parents and children

Exercise of parental rights – joint exercise of parental rights and entrusting the child to one parent; extension of parental rights

Supervision of the exercise of parental rights

Deprivation of parental rights – partial or complete deprivation of parental rights

Challenging and establishing paternity and motherhood

Maintenance proceedings – child support – alimony, spousal support, parental support, relative maintenance

Proceedings related to custody of a child , custody of a person without legal capacity

Procedure for deprivation of legal capacity / restoration of legal capacity

Adoption of children – adoption procedure and procedures before the center for social work

Advocacy in procedures for protection against domestic violence – (due to endangering the physical integrity, mental health or tranquility of family members)

Extramarital union – personal, property and inheritance issues

Survivor’s pension and inheritance of survivor’s pension


PORODIČNO PRAVO - family, kids, baby

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