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Providing business services – providing advice on company law and helping to establish a business in Serbia and region is an area that motivates us greatly, and for which we have great expertise. If you have any questions in the field of business in Serbia and Western Balkans – you are in the right place – Business Lawyers – Vladisavljevic Law Office Belgrade.

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Business lawyers in Serbia – Advokatska kancelarija Vladisavljević Law Office

The mission of the LAW OFFICE Vladisavljevic  Belgrade Serbia is to provide outstanding legal assistance with integrity, respect and complete professionalism. Whether you are owner of legal entity, business or you are an individual, we can help you solve legal problems and achieve maximum success.

If you need to start a busness in Serbia, we can help you and we will be with you all the way after opening a company or representative office in Serbia.

With our help, you can quickly and easily establish a company in Belgrade or anywhere in Serbia in one of the legally prescribed forms in the law of the Republic of Serbia:

  • Limited Liability Company
  • Partnership
  • Joint-stock company
  • Limited partnership

Each of the above forms contains its own specifics that can more or less suit your needs, and we will offer you the best solution after you present your needs to us.

We can also help you open a branch of your company in Serbia and introduce you to the modalities to do so.

We provide support and expert legal assistance in all phases from starting a business – company formation, through creating all acts and decisions, tax advice – tax issues, controlling corporate governance and fulfilling legal obligations, debt collection, mergers and acquisitions, shareholder issues, dividends, or company bankruptcy and  liquidation.  With all these issues we can help you.

We have also specialist expertise in representing small and big business,  employers – companies, financial institutions, insurance and other legal entities.

Hire an experienced lawyer for corporate and company law in Serbia, who has extensive experience with companies in Serbia and Southeast Europe. This way you will avoid problems in advance that may arise for your company and for you personally. And if you want to do business in Serbia, and open a company or representative office in Serbia, don’t wait – contact us, and we will offer you opportunities and solutions for your business in Serbia and region.

For all questions contact us by e-mail:
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Find out what are the business opportunities, what are the tax benefits, what are the state subsidies for job creation, how to transfer capital gains. You can get profit from doing business in Serbia and answering other questions from experienced business lawyers – Vladisavljević Law Office.