Advokat Beograd

Vladisavljević Law

Belgrade, Serbia.

High Quality Advice

Experience of working with us, means you will consistently receive high quality advice, which is delivered quickly and succinctly. We are noted for offering “swift response times” and “excellent results”.

We are recognised as leaders in our chosen fields. Clients praise our „depth of experience and solid understanding of the market and commercial considerations”.  

Our clients include multinational companies, small businesses, accountancy practices, non-profit organisations, entrepreneurs, business people and individuals, in the Serbia and all over the Balkan region.

Ultimately, it’s not what we say about ourselves that counts. The true measure of our value is the clients we continue to work with, the quality of the work we do for them and the calibre of the lawyers who want to join us.

Vladisavljević Law Belegrade, Serbia.

Contact us.

tel. 381 (0) 64 380 95 25


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